Thursday, October 3, 2013

Days 947- 1006 Busy Bee... or butterfly?

I miss blogging and posting my creations more often but life has a way of dictating what takes priority.
August was a blur with all the campaigning for the Art takes Paris event. I still don't have the results - I should find mid Oct so I am practicing patience.
The past 2 weeks have been filled with tons of Creativity as I was hired by Macy's  Coty perfumes to create jewelry to give as gifts to the customers who purchase various perfumes.  I was able to come up with a wire butterfly design to complement the Honey Marc Jacobs bottle.  I had a great time Last Saturday at KOP and looking forward for a wonderful day tomorrow in Center City.

I also had the pleasure to participate at a Shoprite event to help eliminate hunger. I was hired as one of the vendors in the event and made really fun and apparently extremely popular Rubber band bracelets! They were a big hit and will be going back for more events :D

I am still working on the big painting, which is still untitled. I have also 2 more canvases waiting to come alive in the energy series. I am very excited too that I found a wonderful new application on my phone that allows me to paint on the go :) Yes I know it is small scale but it's painting on the go, without worrying about supplies -ok only battery life!

Here are some highlights of the past 2 mos

September 28 2013  Day 1001
King Of Prussia Macy's Marc Jacobs event.

Embracing Yellow 

Hidden Within - digital painting

Slow burning fire deep inside - digital painting

My Paintings made the frong page of the Philadelphian Voice!!


September Sunrise 

Rubber band bracelets!