Sunday, December 29, 2013

Days 1054 - 1096 (End of the year post)

What can I say about 2013?  this is the 3rd year of creating daily and it has changed my life completely. Not only have my skills improved but I had the confidence to take charge and make changes and take chances. This holiday season was the best ever since Sis and I got together and became Moon Sirens.
The jewelry side of my creativity is doing amazingly well, my name pendants were a big hit!  Yes and my rubber band bracelets too :)
I know I had promised to keep up better with the blog, but the shows got in the way and if I have a choice to create or write I always choose creating.

Before I post pictures from this past month  of creating, I would like to thank everyone who supported and cheered me on this year,Cosmos Philly  for the beautiful article they did on my artistic journey, Coty Perfumes and Shoprite super market for hiring me as a vendor and all the wonderful people who came to my shows, visited my website and my etsy store .  All of your love and support have given me the courage to continue creating daily one more year! My goals will change slightly and this time i will not promise to write blogs even weekly. But I will keep everyone updated.

I cannot believe that on Tues Dec 31st I would be creating for 1096 days straight (and yes because I am so good at math i realized I was about 10 days off in my counting LOL) !!!
Here are some of the many creations I made during the end of November and all of December.

Early this morning I finished my Sugarskull painting

Day 1094  12/29/2013
Why so blue?   Acrylic on canvas 11x14

Stage one
Stage 2

Stage 3
Stage 4

Finished painting

Custom Orders
Custom Orders
Custom order
Coty  Macy's at Lehigh Valley Mall  
For the Coty Macy's Center City show
custom Order
Custom Order
Day 1091 12/26/13
New Rings!!!

Will update with pictures of creations for the next 2 days :)
Thank you all and have an Amazing 2014!