Saturday, November 23, 2013

Days 1007 - 1050 Catching up again!

Hi all,
and once again I didn't post even weekly here but have been updating most of my work on FB.
October was an awesome month, with lots of preparation and new inspirations.
I didn't have luck  with the Paris exhibition but I had so much fun campaigning and having all of my friend's and family's support. My paintings also didn't make it into the small treasures exhibition this year.  Ahhh... I have to say this is the first time I am feeling like all my fellow artists who were not understood for their point of view!  On to more exciting things.

Both months I have taken tons of pictures of moon, sunrises, sunsets and nature. Big energy painting was completed and am working on 3 smaller paintings, one of them being a self portrait of my sugar skull I was for Halloween

This past week I have been hit with a bad cycle of insomnia. I am sure this is very common among creative people. So it has affected me, but it also has boosted my creativity. I just miss sleep.

Tomorrow starts the month of non Stop shows:
10-6pm St. Xavier  Holiday Bazaar  24th and Wallace

Dec 7&8 Greensgrow Holiday Bazaar

Dec 14  Shoprite

Dec 15 Greensgrow Holiday Bazaar

Dec 20&21  Macy's Coty counter Stores to TBD

Release  Acrylic on canvas  36x24

Painted my face for the Walking Dead  Event at the Art museum and won 2nd place :)

The Governor really looked the part

Halloween 2013  

Sugar skull 

wip !