Thursday, November 22, 2012

Days 326 - 327 Happy Thanksgiving!

What a great couple of days!
Yesterday I shared with most that I my "lillies" watercolor painting got second place in the
"Small Treasures Juried Exhibition at Beauty Art Gallery.
I am having a hard time to put into words how this event has made me feel. More than just
boosting my confidence and the excitement of having the approval of other artists, it feels like
that sign one waits for to know if they are heading in the right direction. I still just want to jump
up and down from excitement.  I swear, one would think I won the Nobel prize LOL

Continuing with honing my skills, I am trying to find subjects to challenge myself. In yesterday's
blog I mentioned that I need to work on my blending skills and perspective, and I would like to add sketching /drawing to improve my interpretation of what I see. Did I mention how excited I am?

Day 326 11_21_12
Love watching the sun hide behind the art museum!

Day 327 11_22_12

Today was a wonderful celebration. It was relaxed, and fun. Saw the parade and after cooking
the turkey we all watched a few movies.
Thanksgiving Parade
My best tasting turkey so far!


Museum Sunset

Watercolor Painting - duck candle

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Days 321-325 Practicing

Been working on different studies of watercolors. Even though I have improved these past 2 years, I still need to keep on moving forward. I am working on 5 different studies of a candle and ceramic incense burner. I have noticed that I am doing better with the color selection, and letting the paintings breathe more, but still muddling colors when it comes to shading, and ... grrr perspective!!! I am close but not there yet. So practice on I will :)

Day 321 11_16_12
Candle w/ incense burner Watercolor Study 01
Day 322 11_17_12
Bling button rings

moving water
Day 323 11_18_12
Day 324 11_19_12
Candle w/ incense burner Watercolor Study 02
Day 325 11_20_12
Candle w/ incense burner Watercolor Study 03

Monday, November 19, 2012

Days 306- 320 Playing catch up

With the few shows I had this month I ran behind time on posting here.
Here is half the month of creativity!

Day 306 11_1_12
Day 307 11_2_12
<3 This bridge
Day 308 11_3_12
Under the bridge

Stone and Iron

Emmy hanging out  in her room :)
Day 309 11_4_12
Fire Hydrant

St. Francis Xavier
Day 310 11_5_12
Domino ready

Button Rings!
Day 311 11_6_12

Leaves in empty fountain

Blue Cars
Day 312 11_7_12
First Snow
Day 313 11_8_12
Domino Rings done!
Day 314 11_9_12
Sis Demonstrating  her painted cards at Beauty Art Gallery
Day 315 11_10_12
life and death
Day 316 11_11_12
Day 317 11_12_12
Water color study - Daffodils
Day 318 11_13_12
Water color study  Daffodils
Day 319 11_14_12

Watercolor study - Daffodils

Watercolor study -Daffodils
Day 320 11_15_12

Up Early watching the sun rise

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 289-305 October is over

A very busy half of the month with the tail end of it sending us in a whirlwind experience.
My thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by Sandy's destructive path. I feel blessed to have so many friends who checked in on me to make sure I and my family were ok.
Lots of love to all!

Day 289 10_15_12
Button rings!

Day 290 10_16_12

Emmy Visiting injured Oscar

Amethyst Wired wrapped pendant in Gold Filled wire

Day 291 10_17_12
Fun Button rings

Day 292 10_18_12
NY sign

NY city Building

Back to Philly!

Button rings :D

Day 293 10_19_12

Lots of creativity

Day 294 10_20_12 & 295 10_21_12
Weekend long photo bracelet project

Spaghetti squash with homemade sauce
Day 296 10_22_12
Fancy button rings already SOLD! woohoo

Children's button rings
Day 297 10_23_12

More rings

and more

and more

enough to fill the tray :D

Day 298 10_24_12
Day 299 10_25_12
Emmy is a great partner, keeping Oscar company while recovering from broken leg.

Resin Fun

Day 300 10_26_12
Fixing pool in our complex before Sandy arrives

Day 301 10_27_12
Making Zodiac rings
Day 302 10_28_12
Love the tongue

Someone beautifying Philadelphia
Day 303 10_29_12
Ben Franklin Bridge

Day 304 10_30_12

Sandy still here

  Day 305 10_31_12
Sandy lingering on