Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 275- 288 When life gives you lemons...

I thought after my last post that I was all caught up and was going to post everyday like I usually do.
Instead I had a few unexpected events in my life. The fun ones were the last minute creative projects, work situations with awesome clients, meeting great people at the craft fair and creative ideas galore. The not so fun was my cockatiel Oscar who broke her left femur and is having bone issues due to laying eggs :(  The broken bone is on the mend, but his other one seems to be dislocated. Not much to do but make her as comfy as possible till she heals. Her spirits are high though, and LOVES all the extra TLC she is getting from mommy.

Will be experimenting more with my resin creations and fimo in the following weeks as I have a few shows coming up! I am so excited!

So here is my type of lemonade :D

Day275 10_1_12
You bug me
Day 276 10_2_12
Fog has taken over
Day 277 10_3_12
In too deep
Day 278 10_4_12
Night lights

Dancing waters

They turned off the air... it's hot in here!
Day 279  10_5_12
Resin skulls
Day 280 10_6_12
Custom Bracelet  for Arleen

Custom Bracelet  for Arleen

Custom Bracelet  for Arleen

Custom Bracelet  for Arleen
Custom Bracelet  for Arleen

At St. Timothy's Craft fair
Day 281 10_7_12
St. Timothy's Roxborough
Day 282 10_8_12
Lichen? and quartz

An insect's home
Day 283 10_9_12
Happy 46th Wedding Anniversary Mom & Dad!
Another caterpillar in my plants! found it crawling on my sketch book :(
Day 284 10_10_12
Oscar recuperating in his carrier more alert since he broke his femur
Day 285 10_11_12

Looking Glass

Day 286 10_12_12
Happy Bday Sis!

Sunset clouds
Day 287 10_13_12
Creepy Halloween - Digital art
Day 288 10_14_12
Waiting for the sunrise


Good Morning!

Spooky - Digital Art

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 262 -274 saying goodbye to September

Love this season! First the weather and second because it's time for craft shows!
I haven't only neglected posting here, i haven't done my inventory check for the show on Sat... ugh!
Here is my Sept creativity

Day 262 9_18_12
Rainy day

Found an F on my arm... weird
Day 263 9_19_12
Sunbathing umbrella
Day 264 9_20_12

Day 265 9_21_12
Day 266 9_22_12

Sis's hand painted glassware ! we will have her creations at the shows!
Day 267 9_23_12
Bird - ink

Day 268 9_24_12

How blue was the water
Day 269 9_25_12
from the pool

where the pool meets the water

Day 270 9_26_12
Halloween fun and commissioned bracelet
Day 271 9_27_12
Hanging out with mommy
Day 272 9_28_12
Floating away

from under the water
Day 273 9_29_12
dark city

pensive oscar

Day 274 9_30_12

Sunset at Cape May

Sunset at Cape May