Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 262 -274 saying goodbye to September

Love this season! First the weather and second because it's time for craft shows!
I haven't only neglected posting here, i haven't done my inventory check for the show on Sat... ugh!
Here is my Sept creativity

Day 262 9_18_12
Rainy day

Found an F on my arm... weird
Day 263 9_19_12
Sunbathing umbrella
Day 264 9_20_12

Day 265 9_21_12
Day 266 9_22_12

Sis's hand painted glassware ! we will have her creations at the shows!
Day 267 9_23_12
Bird - ink

Day 268 9_24_12

How blue was the water
Day 269 9_25_12
from the pool

where the pool meets the water

Day 270 9_26_12
Halloween fun and commissioned bracelet
Day 271 9_27_12
Hanging out with mommy
Day 272 9_28_12
Floating away

from under the water
Day 273 9_29_12
dark city

pensive oscar

Day 274 9_30_12

Sunset at Cape May

Sunset at Cape May

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