Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 778 -790 End of February

I am always happy to see  February go because that means in 6 days it's my Birthday! This has been a busy month with me stepping out on new adventures in Art and many custom jewelry orders. Also had fun with mixing my creativity between painting, jewelry, photography and photoshop fun.
I am looking forward to experimenting more in March with oils and acrylics on canvas.

Day 778 2_16_13
Thinking of spring - some of my flower paintings

In a parallel Universe

Day 779 2_17_13
Lone Lily

Day 780 2_18_13
Oscar watercolor

Day 781 2_19_13
Oscar watercolor

Day 782 2_20_13
Oscar (finished) watercolor

Day 783 2_21_13
let it shine

Day 784 2_22_13
Custom Order SS wire wrapped pendant

Day 785 2_23_13
Custom Order SS wire wrapped Pendant

Day 786 2_24_13

Day 787 2_25_13
Full Moon February

Day 788 2_26_13
Custom Order SS wire wrapped pendant - reversible 

Day 789 2_27_13
Another heart cloud 

In Deep 

Day 790 2_28_13
Custom Order ladybug button ring

Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 763- 777 Middle of the Feb

This Month has been going by really fast. I took some leaps and opened a fine Art america store where prints and cards of some of my paintings can be purchased.
Sister Had an even more exciting  2 weeks : she got to meet OSCAR  and
freelanced for Coty at Macy's stores in the area! She was a big success and I am so proud of her :D
Anthee making her Oscar speech

I don't think she wanted to part with Oscar
Anthee in all her glory , painting glassware and perfume bottles
for Coty at Macy's Lehigh Valley Mall

And here is my creativity:

Day 763 2_1_13

Day 764 2_2_13

Day 765 2_3_13
Somewhere Out there

Day 766 2_4_13
Rainy Day in the Garden

Day 767 2_5_13
Still life with veggies

Day 768 2_6_13
Wip Flowers Drawing

Wip Flowers

Day 769 2_7_13
wip flowers

Calm before the storm

Day 770 2_8_13
In Bloom

Sunflower Seeds

Day 771 2_9_13
Berry Beautiful

Day 772 2_10_13
Orange sunrise

2 roses and a bud

Lehigh Valley sunset

Day 773 2_11_13
Morning Sherbert

Day 774 2_12_13
Orange flame

Day 775 2_13_13
wip soon enough

Day 776 2_14_13
Soon Enough

Day 776 2_15_13
Taking in more than I bargained for : top to bottom
30 min after dr put drops in
3 hours after
5 hours after
7 hours after

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 759- 762 Last days of January

I thought I had posted these but then I realized ... oopsies.  I have been slacking on my blogging.
Weather still has been interfering with my creativity, making me take longer to complete certain paintings.
But the creativity never ceased.
Here are the last days of January:

Day 759 1_28_13
There is a slow burning fire deep inside

Day 760 1_29_13
In Dreams

Day 761 1_30_13
Deep Pain

Day 762 1_31_13
Happiness is just around the corner