Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 778 -790 End of February

I am always happy to see  February go because that means in 6 days it's my Birthday! This has been a busy month with me stepping out on new adventures in Art and many custom jewelry orders. Also had fun with mixing my creativity between painting, jewelry, photography and photoshop fun.
I am looking forward to experimenting more in March with oils and acrylics on canvas.

Day 778 2_16_13
Thinking of spring - some of my flower paintings

In a parallel Universe

Day 779 2_17_13
Lone Lily

Day 780 2_18_13
Oscar watercolor

Day 781 2_19_13
Oscar watercolor

Day 782 2_20_13
Oscar (finished) watercolor

Day 783 2_21_13
let it shine

Day 784 2_22_13
Custom Order SS wire wrapped pendant

Day 785 2_23_13
Custom Order SS wire wrapped Pendant

Day 786 2_24_13

Day 787 2_25_13
Full Moon February

Day 788 2_26_13
Custom Order SS wire wrapped pendant - reversible 

Day 789 2_27_13
Another heart cloud 

In Deep 

Day 790 2_28_13
Custom Order ladybug button ring

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