Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 763- 777 Middle of the Feb

This Month has been going by really fast. I took some leaps and opened a fine Art america store where prints and cards of some of my paintings can be purchased.
Sister Had an even more exciting  2 weeks : she got to meet OSCAR  and
freelanced for Coty at Macy's stores in the area! She was a big success and I am so proud of her :D
Anthee making her Oscar speech

I don't think she wanted to part with Oscar
Anthee in all her glory , painting glassware and perfume bottles
for Coty at Macy's Lehigh Valley Mall

And here is my creativity:

Day 763 2_1_13

Day 764 2_2_13

Day 765 2_3_13
Somewhere Out there

Day 766 2_4_13
Rainy Day in the Garden

Day 767 2_5_13
Still life with veggies

Day 768 2_6_13
Wip Flowers Drawing

Wip Flowers

Day 769 2_7_13
wip flowers

Calm before the storm

Day 770 2_8_13
In Bloom

Sunflower Seeds

Day 771 2_9_13
Berry Beautiful

Day 772 2_10_13
Orange sunrise

2 roses and a bud

Lehigh Valley sunset

Day 773 2_11_13
Morning Sherbert

Day 774 2_12_13
Orange flame

Day 775 2_13_13
wip soon enough

Day 776 2_14_13
Soon Enough

Day 776 2_15_13
Taking in more than I bargained for : top to bottom
30 min after dr put drops in
3 hours after
5 hours after
7 hours after

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  1. You two are amazing!!! Congratulations on all your accomplishments. And I love, love, love your art, Venetia. My 2 favorites on this post are: Somewhere Out There (Fievel's singing) and Rainy Day in the Garden.