Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Days 206-213 Another month has gone

I can't believe that July is over!  I finished 2 instagram challenges this month  and had much fun with it. But since inspiration came back with a vengeance I will continue with either sketching or painting in August and probably no photo challenges. Still addicted to instagram so... you will get plenty of photos :D

Daughter brought me a Blue Orchid today.. So beautiful!
Day 206 7_24_12
Day 24  Insect (Photo a day)

Day 24 Through something (pic challenge)
Day 207 7_25_12
Day 25 Heart (Photo a day)

Day 25 wires (pic challenge)
Day 208 7_26_12
Day 26  Sunshine (photo a day)

Storm Approaching

Day 26  Hanging (pic challenge)
Day 209 7_27_12
Day 27 On the Road (Photo a day)

Day 27 walking (pic challenge)

Rays (for instacanv.as)


Day 210 7_28_12
Day 28 Cup (photo a day)

Day 28 Tonight - watching Olympics (pic challenge)


Full Rainbow!
Day 211 7_29_11
Day 29 Italian (pic challenge)

Day 29 last thing I bought (for sis) (photo day)

sky 01

Sky 02

Sky 03

Sky 04
Day 212 7_30_12
Day 30 Calm (Photo a day)

Day 30  orange (pic challenge)

Full sky

Day 213 7_31_12
Day 31 Dirty (pic challenge)

Day 31 toothbrush (photo a day)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 205 More creativity :)

Continuing on the inspiring journey I spent about 30 min making quick gestures. It has been a while and forgot how fast 30 secs go by...  Lots of stick figures but towards the end of the warm up I started remembering how to loosen up and just put down the most important parts. 
Once warmed up I had no problem getting into my study. It's good as I can see improvement in my creations but I am my worst critic so I end up focusing on all the things I need to practice.
Grecian Study
Day 23- laces (pic challenge)

Day 23 - Mirror (photo a day)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 204 Inspiration returned!

Finally heard word that the claim for my water damaged floors will be settled this week. Started researching flooring options and colors for my room - Since everything needs to be removed from my room it's a good opportunity to add some color again. I had neutralized it a few years back when I had put the place up for sale - and the market turned so I ended up living in a sea of beige.  I still dream about the colors of my first place in the city 10 years ago so I want to replicate it.  Trying to find the names of the colors I had to go looking in my old emails - and there I found emails from www.Conceptart.org. OMG... i was a member there years ago, so I went to check out what is going on there and I still remembered my login. I spent hours looking through so many talented artists sketchbooks and portfolios. Sketchbook section has comments from others in the forum and I found a great tip on where to get model photos  http://www.sycra.net/ and many more tips. Going over the pages I found a picture that Inspired me so much I had to draw it:

Sad Angel  (photo reference by Marcus J. Ranum)
My pen acted up a few times so once the drawing was done it went in the trash!

The colors of my room at the Brewery.
Day 22 - Upside down (photo a day)
Day 22 - Pic of a Pic - Alexia (Pic challenge)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Days 200 -203 Relaxing on a Cool Saturday evening

Finally some time to just stretch and create. I made a new piece of jewelry for myself with a piece of moldavite I found. It's one of my more delicate pieces and I love it!  The weather has cooled down a bit, after a heatwave, a much needed break.  Hope it lasts for a few days.

Day 200 7_18_12
Day 18 - Plate (photo a day)

Day 18 - Rich (pic challenge)

Day 201 7_19_12
Day 19 - 6 (pic challenge)

Day 19 - Insect (photo a day)
Day 202 7_20_12
Brooding skies

Day 20 - Eyes (photo a day)

Day 20 - Something Manly (pic challenge)

Escape artist - had to use my shirt to catch her. (yes we look the same when i have it on)
Day 203 7_21_12
2nd harvest of mint ! already drying

Made a veggie broth :D

we had beautiful skies this cool evening

Day 21 - 9 o'clock (photo a day)

Day 21 - Munchies (pic challenge)

Moldavite pendant - sterling silver handmade bail. I <3 it

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Days 195 - 199

Day 195 7_13_12
Day 13 - Open (photo a day)

Day 13- Something Nerdy (pic challenge)
Day 196 7_14_12
Day 14 - skin (pic challenge)

Day 14 - Building (photo a day)


Day 197 7_15_12
Parents going to a wedding

Jaime and Nora's house

Day 15 - Cartoon (pic challenge)

Day 15- finger (photo a day)

Day 198 7_16_12
Day 16 -sign (photo a day)

Day 16 - Torn (pic challenge)
Day 199 7_17_12
Day 17 - addiction (hanging out with daughter) (photo a day)

Day 17 - Hideous (pic challenge)

and then there were 2

cicles (artrage - oils)

Flower  (Artrage - pen)

Waves (Artrage - oils)