Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 204 Inspiration returned!

Finally heard word that the claim for my water damaged floors will be settled this week. Started researching flooring options and colors for my room - Since everything needs to be removed from my room it's a good opportunity to add some color again. I had neutralized it a few years back when I had put the place up for sale - and the market turned so I ended up living in a sea of beige.  I still dream about the colors of my first place in the city 10 years ago so I want to replicate it.  Trying to find the names of the colors I had to go looking in my old emails - and there I found emails from OMG... i was a member there years ago, so I went to check out what is going on there and I still remembered my login. I spent hours looking through so many talented artists sketchbooks and portfolios. Sketchbook section has comments from others in the forum and I found a great tip on where to get model photos and many more tips. Going over the pages I found a picture that Inspired me so much I had to draw it:

Sad Angel  (photo reference by Marcus J. Ranum)
My pen acted up a few times so once the drawing was done it went in the trash!

The colors of my room at the Brewery.
Day 22 - Upside down (photo a day)
Day 22 - Pic of a Pic - Alexia (Pic challenge)

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  1. The brewery room colors are wonderful! Get rid of that beige, girl!!