Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Days 206-213 Another month has gone

I can't believe that July is over!  I finished 2 instagram challenges this month  and had much fun with it. But since inspiration came back with a vengeance I will continue with either sketching or painting in August and probably no photo challenges. Still addicted to instagram so... you will get plenty of photos :D

Daughter brought me a Blue Orchid today.. So beautiful!
Day 206 7_24_12
Day 24  Insect (Photo a day)

Day 24 Through something (pic challenge)
Day 207 7_25_12
Day 25 Heart (Photo a day)

Day 25 wires (pic challenge)
Day 208 7_26_12
Day 26  Sunshine (photo a day)

Storm Approaching

Day 26  Hanging (pic challenge)
Day 209 7_27_12
Day 27 On the Road (Photo a day)

Day 27 walking (pic challenge)

Rays (for instacanv.as)


Day 210 7_28_12
Day 28 Cup (photo a day)

Day 28 Tonight - watching Olympics (pic challenge)


Full Rainbow!
Day 211 7_29_11
Day 29 Italian (pic challenge)

Day 29 last thing I bought (for sis) (photo day)

sky 01

Sky 02

Sky 03

Sky 04
Day 212 7_30_12
Day 30 Calm (Photo a day)

Day 30  orange (pic challenge)

Full sky

Day 213 7_31_12
Day 31 Dirty (pic challenge)

Day 31 toothbrush (photo a day)

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