Saturday, July 21, 2012

Days 200 -203 Relaxing on a Cool Saturday evening

Finally some time to just stretch and create. I made a new piece of jewelry for myself with a piece of moldavite I found. It's one of my more delicate pieces and I love it!  The weather has cooled down a bit, after a heatwave, a much needed break.  Hope it lasts for a few days.

Day 200 7_18_12
Day 18 - Plate (photo a day)

Day 18 - Rich (pic challenge)

Day 201 7_19_12
Day 19 - 6 (pic challenge)

Day 19 - Insect (photo a day)
Day 202 7_20_12
Brooding skies

Day 20 - Eyes (photo a day)

Day 20 - Something Manly (pic challenge)

Escape artist - had to use my shirt to catch her. (yes we look the same when i have it on)
Day 203 7_21_12
2nd harvest of mint ! already drying

Made a veggie broth :D

we had beautiful skies this cool evening

Day 21 - 9 o'clock (photo a day)

Day 21 - Munchies (pic challenge)

Moldavite pendant - sterling silver handmade bail. I <3 it

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