Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 366 2nd year done- 3rd year here I come!

Here we are again - the end of another year full of creativity.The freedom of choosing what to do each day to express my creativity has been invaluable. Last month I actually noticed the difference in my ease to create.  So I will continue this for another year :D

Day 366 12_31_12
New year's Resolution:
2013 goals in daily creation
a) Be  Fearless
b) Don't be attached to the outcome
c) Relax and have fun!!!!

 The support of all you who follow me in this journey through FB, Twitter and instagram has made all the difference. Thank you so much and I hope you stick around for another year

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day 362-365 Fun in wintry Philly

What an exciting few days leading to the end of the year. The quick snow storm gave me some photo ops to feed my instagram obsession :D

Day 362 12_27_12
Elephant walk

out of water
Day 363 12-28_12

Full Moon
Day 364 12_29_12
snow white :P


Talkback session at 1812 productions


waiting for eternity

Through the snow sky

Holding strong
Day 365 12_30_12
Nocturnal Oscar

Office holiday Party

Dad and I at the Holiday party :D

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 353 -361 It's Christmas time!

And it's already gone...  It was fun hanging out with friends, family and PAINTS.
Still working on loosening up my hands, strokes and expectations.  Others might think that abstract is easy because there are barely any rules, but i have been struggling with perfection. I should say my idea of what perfection is.  I loved the blending of the colors and my circles, hated the not controlling where the paint went. Regardless of personal issues, I loved the outcomes.

Day 353 12_18_12

Emmy sketch
I did the sketch for Emmy, but then I worked on allowing looser strokes. I also used masking fluid. Note to self, next time use less.

Day 354 12_19_12
Flowers graphite sketch
Day 355 12_20_12
Still life graphite sketch

Holiday Inn Christmas Tree - Ink Drawing
Day 356 12_21_12
12/21/12 Still Standing
Day 357 12_22_12
3 trees

Greek Cookies :D

Mayfair Instagram Filter test

Winter sky
Day 358 12_23_12
Day 359 12_24_12
Happy Birthday Daddy!

Day 360 12_25_12
Merry Christmas!

One potato exploded

Family Portrait 

Art Museum Christmas Day
Day 361 12_26_12

Be still my Beating Heart

Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 352 A Celebration of Reuben Mitchell

Day 352 12_17_12

It made no difference if you knew Reuben for 2 min or 15 years.  He was just a person who had "it".
He lit up a room, and you felt his energy and something always changed in you -for the better.
This was evident tonight as a packed theater in Philadelphia celebrated an amazing person's life.
Reuben Mitchell was taken away from us way too early. I will forever be grateful to my friend Jaime who introduced me to Reuben. I was lucky to be in his presence when he first arrived to our city, and saw him
a couple of weeks before his passing, portraying president Obama.

The plays and players theater reverberated with songs, stories,tears and laughter. Everyone who got on stage said the same: Once you knew Reuben, your life was changed forever. 1812 Productions did a wonderful job with celebrating both the man and actor.
Thank you Reuben for making a difference in my life and in everyone's that was present tonight.
I know you were there laughing along.

Reuben Mitchell
Hot dog!

Johnny Showcase

Reuben as President Obama

Reuben's Ribbon - will be a reminder to always follow your dreams


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Days 349-351 So many questions

Being an artist makes one sensitive to the changes in the energies around them.  Add some empath to that mixture and you get a very confused soul.  What happened 2 days ago in a small elementary school has affected me in ways that I cannot put into words. And questions... so many questions that go beyond why an angry or sick human being would target innocent children.  My paintings these past 2 days have been abstracts- didn't want any lines to follow, just let the feelings flow. Such a difficult task for me.
This weekend was the GreensGrow Farms holiday bazaar.
Had such a wonderful time, both the patrons and artist vendors were so nice and made the hours go
by really fast. And of course purchase our beautiful creations to brighten someone's holiday :D
So it was a really nice ending to a emotional weekend.

Day 349 12_14_12


Day 350 12_15_12
Greensgrow !

Holding on to hope
Day 351 12_16_12
Greensgrow day 2!

art for sale!

What one perceives

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Days 345-348 Pushing the limits.

As the excitement of the whole Juried Exhibition is still lingering , I am working on taking some major steps. Like everything else in my life I like to have things precise and calculated. Oh yes, and afraid to take risks. Something about being fearful that I would use the wrong color or make the wrong line. I will not go into the staying within the lines issues that pop up unexpectedly. So this week I have tried to work with some more difficult subjects, colors and composition. I liked the results. I especially like Yesterday's and today's outcomes. A note for myself - check to see why my color didn't turn out as bright as I wanted it to be in today's painting. Emmy should have been  bright and bold, like her personality but the end result seemed a bit pale to me.
Will have to re-paint till I get my desired outcome

Day 345 12_10_12


A rose is a rose

Going Nuts - tried the new willow filter and didn't care for it.. so Pro and  focus was the way to go
Day 346 12_11_12
Sleeping pendulum
Day 347 12_12_12
Glass, chain and ball
Day 348 12_13_12
Emmy doing a split!