Sunday, December 9, 2012

Days 328 - 335 Sweet November

November brought great opportunities and family time. Here are the last few  days of the month and
the creativity it inspired.

 Day 328 11_23_12
4th study candle and incense holder

5th study
Day 329 11_24_12
Watercolor , blue vase and metal ball
Day 330 11_25_12
Tony the escape artist
Day 331 11_26_12
Watercolor of the escape artist Tony

Day 332 11_27_12
Still life watercolor
Day 333 11_28_12
Still life - watercolor
Day 334 11_29_12

Sunset from the Residences

Market street at night from the Murano

Night Lights

Day 335 11_30_12
And now I accept credit cards at shows!

Yummy! watercolor


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