Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 336- Day344 December started with a Bang!

Last month of the year is here. It started on a high and I am still riding it :D Last weekend I went to the reception at Beaty Art Gallery  to receive my award for winning second place in the Small Treasures Juried Exhibition. It was fun and I was so blessed to meet some other very talented artist.
Friday I sent my submission in for the #twitterexhibit in Los Angeles - I am so excited to participate and use my art for a good cause. My week finished with a wonderful time at my cousin's wedding. Lots of fun and happy memories were created. Also the flowers were a great inspiration for today's painting!
Day 336 12_1_12

Day 337 12_2_12
Abalone shell, moqui stone and carnelian pendulum with chakra stones :D
Day 338 12_3_12
Creativity in the morning

Day 339 12_4_12
Palmello - didn't care for it
Day 340 12_5_12
Lilly Splendor - watercolor
Day 341 12_6_12
Sketch of the gorgeous sunset- will become a painting

My piece for the LA #twitterexhibit

Secret Garden- Mixed media - Sis's piece for the LA #twitterexhibit
Day 342 12_7_12
Was in the jewelry making mood- Aquamarine and SS
Day 343 12_8_12
At the cousin's wedding

And the Cake!

Day 344 12_9_12
Flowers in pink - Watercolor


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