Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 353 -361 It's Christmas time!

And it's already gone...  It was fun hanging out with friends, family and PAINTS.
Still working on loosening up my hands, strokes and expectations.  Others might think that abstract is easy because there are barely any rules, but i have been struggling with perfection. I should say my idea of what perfection is.  I loved the blending of the colors and my circles, hated the not controlling where the paint went. Regardless of personal issues, I loved the outcomes.

Day 353 12_18_12

Emmy sketch
I did the sketch for Emmy, but then I worked on allowing looser strokes. I also used masking fluid. Note to self, next time use less.

Day 354 12_19_12
Flowers graphite sketch
Day 355 12_20_12
Still life graphite sketch

Holiday Inn Christmas Tree - Ink Drawing
Day 356 12_21_12
12/21/12 Still Standing
Day 357 12_22_12
3 trees

Greek Cookies :D

Mayfair Instagram Filter test

Winter sky
Day 358 12_23_12
Day 359 12_24_12
Happy Birthday Daddy!

Day 360 12_25_12
Merry Christmas!

One potato exploded

Family Portrait 

Art Museum Christmas Day
Day 361 12_26_12

Be still my Beating Heart

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