Thursday, December 13, 2012

Days 345-348 Pushing the limits.

As the excitement of the whole Juried Exhibition is still lingering , I am working on taking some major steps. Like everything else in my life I like to have things precise and calculated. Oh yes, and afraid to take risks. Something about being fearful that I would use the wrong color or make the wrong line. I will not go into the staying within the lines issues that pop up unexpectedly. So this week I have tried to work with some more difficult subjects, colors and composition. I liked the results. I especially like Yesterday's and today's outcomes. A note for myself - check to see why my color didn't turn out as bright as I wanted it to be in today's painting. Emmy should have been  bright and bold, like her personality but the end result seemed a bit pale to me.
Will have to re-paint till I get my desired outcome

Day 345 12_10_12


A rose is a rose

Going Nuts - tried the new willow filter and didn't care for it.. so Pro and  focus was the way to go
Day 346 12_11_12
Sleeping pendulum
Day 347 12_12_12
Glass, chain and ball
Day 348 12_13_12
Emmy doing a split!

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