Saturday, March 29, 2014

Days 1097- 1184 (Jan 1-March 29)

The  New Year arrived and I got Busy!!!
Coming up with Intentions for year 4 was slightly more difficult, because I have been doing this for 3 years and really didn't know how to "spice up" things. So here is what I came up with:

1) Create daily  - paint, draw, make a piece of jewelry, take a picture
2) Hone new skills: Take a class, join a group, read a book - Anything that will improve what I already do.
3) Find new venues : to show my Art, to sell my wares, to hang out with like minded people
4)Meditate daily to center myself and maybe even get some inspirational visions!

So far I have been doing great with most of my intentions. I am creating daily even though I no longer post them daily. I have taken 2 craftsy classes, one on painting and one on anatomy. I went on an instameet and met some really nice talented people. I have been visiting the art museum and sketching, also staring at beautiful paintings! I had a couple of Macy's Coty perfume Shows and an art show at Cake and the Beanstalk cafe. I have been meditating daily for 67 days straight for at least 30 min (though my goal is 5-30)
There are a couple of new opportunities coming up. And I am working on some new designs for jewelry pieces.
Looking forward to what the rest of the year has to offer, but it sure started great!

Here are some Highlights from the past 3 months.

Day 1183  3/28/14
Sterling silver wire wrapped Amethyst  in a netted bezel, ready to go in my store. 

Displaying my Art during the month of March at Cake and the Beanstalk cafe!
Wire Name pendants for the Macy's Coty Shows
Prototype name ring 
Prototype Initial wire bracelet
Painting idea received during one of my meditation session
Handmade custom order handmade wire wrapped pendant in sterling silver with weaving.

Sketch from a visit at the Philadelphia Art Museum