Friday, August 24, 2012

Days 229 - 237

Felt that these past few days I have allowed situations and circumstances to interfere with my creativity.  Felt very rushed most of the time and didn't give myself the space to be able to fit in posting. A tiny camera glitch took away some photos.. so I don't have the steps in my reconnection painting.
Last night I couldn't sleep and had to make some quick sketches. Turned out they were angels.
I ended up having to take pictures of my kindle with my phone as the program wouldn't allow me to email them.
Hehe, never a dull moment.

Day 229 8_16_12
Reconnection Sketch
Day 230 8_17_12
Background for Reconnection painting
Day 231 8_18_12

first step in reconnection painting

Ginger elephant!

Day 232 8_19_12
Day 233 8_20_12
Love the fountain waters - missing pics of my painting
Day 234 8_21_12
My pastel ombre  nails - blue and green , pinterest tip :D

Sketch for the next painting still untitled

Macaroons - Paleo , easy to make and can't tell the difference
Day 235 8_22_12
Crappy picture of Reconnection
Day 236 8_23_12
Finished Reconnection painting - the colors are deeper as in yesterdays pic
Day 237 8_24_12

                                          5 angle sketches with Magic doodle on my kindle


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Days 219 - 228 Balance? What is that?

Been a few days since I posted on my blog, and its all for a simple reason: I tried to manage my time and as usual failed miserably.
Everyone knows that you can only manage your activities! Well between Work, painting, picking out floors and colors for my room the Olympics  and a meteor shower I was overextended :(
But the plus side is that I finished the "Reiki" painting, picked the colors for my room, and am between 2 different color floors but awaiting an estimate before I make my final decision.

Sunday night my friends Jaime and Nora picked me up and we went for a couple of hours to
Valley Forge to see the meteor shower. I have become such a city girl, that I forgot how chilly it becomes at night when you are out in nature. My camera got wet from the moisture in the air ... so no pics of the meteors. We were blessed by seeing a few, but it was not a shower of meteors by any means. When I came home I stepped out on the terrace and saw one that seemed so close i could touch it!  

Now to figure out how can I improve on managing all my activities :D

Day 219 8_6_12
A healer's journey Sketch

Day 220 8_7_12
A healer's Journey  first step
Day 221 8_8_12
A Healer's Journey - second step
Day 222 8_9_12
A healer's Journey - Acrylic on Canvas panel 8x10 (finished!)

"Reiki" sketch
Day 223 8_10_12
Reiki - first step
Day 224 8_11_12
Reiki - second step
Day 225 8_12_12
My bedroom colors!

Most likely my new floor
Waiting for the shooting stars  at Valley Forge :D
Day 226 8_13_12
and I creep

fixing the school
Day 227 8_14_12
Reiki - step 3
Day 228 8_15_12
Reiki - Acrylics on Canvas panel 8x10 (finished!)


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Days 216 - 218 New Circle paintings - "Energy" Series

I have been a busy bee!  Finished my 2 paintings and learned a new skill : Soldering
New skill!!!
I had to fix something using the solder so I figured good opportunity to experiment. Em... I was messy and since I had not done this before I didn't realize that the flux splatters :( Even though the experiment worked I did ruin my dominos, as the flux burned the resin.  Now I know better.

Can I say again how much I love circles???? These 2 paintings took a long time to make because of the small scale. But am so happy with the results.

Day 216 8_3_12
Day 217 8_4_12
Long Distance Healing - Acrylic on canvas 5x7 (Energy series)
Day 8_5_12
I Am Energy - Acrylics on Canvas 5x7 (Energy series)

Independence Day

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 215 Assateague Pony Painting

Today I was reminiscing about last  years vacation to Ocean City Maryland  and looked through the pictures I had on my phone... I don't know where the time went. I just painted away.
Assateague Pony - Watercolor  on cold press 140lb watercolor paper 10.6x13.8

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 214 More storms

Once again the skies darkened and thunder made the windows rattle. I tried to capture lightning, a very good attempt but Zeus made sure that I got NONE!  LoL. There was a rainbow but it was so light it did not show in the pictures , but caught a little sliver of the sky's third attempt. :D
Gathered my second harvest of my terrace basil. It's laying on the table now getting ready to dry!
On the creative front, I finally picked up my watercolors again and an underwater theme just dripped out of my brushes. Felt really good to paint.
Sea World -  watercolor on 10.6x13.8 cold press 140lbs watercolor paper
Another storm approaching!
Raining heavily somewhere in Philly
Made its way to the city!
Blue just makes my day

Fresh basil from my Terrace! 2nd harvest. Smells soooo good
Sliver of a Rainbow :D