Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 214 More storms

Once again the skies darkened and thunder made the windows rattle. I tried to capture lightning, a very good attempt but Zeus made sure that I got NONE!  LoL. There was a rainbow but it was so light it did not show in the pictures , but caught a little sliver of the sky's third attempt. :D
Gathered my second harvest of my terrace basil. It's laying on the table now getting ready to dry!
On the creative front, I finally picked up my watercolors again and an underwater theme just dripped out of my brushes. Felt really good to paint.
Sea World -  watercolor on 10.6x13.8 cold press 140lbs watercolor paper
Another storm approaching!
Raining heavily somewhere in Philly
Made its way to the city!
Blue just makes my day

Fresh basil from my Terrace! 2nd harvest. Smells soooo good
Sliver of a Rainbow :D


  1. Great photos! Spectacular storm shots. Love your basil!
    Have you ever made basil lemonade?

    1. No, Haven't made that, do you have a recipe? :D