Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Days 219 - 228 Balance? What is that?

Been a few days since I posted on my blog, and its all for a simple reason: I tried to manage my time and as usual failed miserably.
Everyone knows that you can only manage your activities! Well between Work, painting, picking out floors and colors for my room the Olympics  and a meteor shower I was overextended :(
But the plus side is that I finished the "Reiki" painting, picked the colors for my room, and am between 2 different color floors but awaiting an estimate before I make my final decision.

Sunday night my friends Jaime and Nora picked me up and we went for a couple of hours to
Valley Forge to see the meteor shower. I have become such a city girl, that I forgot how chilly it becomes at night when you are out in nature. My camera got wet from the moisture in the air ... so no pics of the meteors. We were blessed by seeing a few, but it was not a shower of meteors by any means. When I came home I stepped out on the terrace and saw one that seemed so close i could touch it!  

Now to figure out how can I improve on managing all my activities :D

Day 219 8_6_12
A healer's journey Sketch

Day 220 8_7_12
A healer's Journey  first step
Day 221 8_8_12
A Healer's Journey - second step
Day 222 8_9_12
A healer's Journey - Acrylic on Canvas panel 8x10 (finished!)

"Reiki" sketch
Day 223 8_10_12
Reiki - first step
Day 224 8_11_12
Reiki - second step
Day 225 8_12_12
My bedroom colors!

Most likely my new floor
Waiting for the shooting stars  at Valley Forge :D
Day 226 8_13_12
and I creep

fixing the school
Day 227 8_14_12
Reiki - step 3
Day 228 8_15_12
Reiki - Acrylics on Canvas panel 8x10 (finished!)


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  1. Your photos are always so interesting! Are they usually scenes from around your neighborhood?

    And I LOVE A Healer's Journey: just beautiful!