Sunday, August 5, 2012

Days 216 - 218 New Circle paintings - "Energy" Series

I have been a busy bee!  Finished my 2 paintings and learned a new skill : Soldering
New skill!!!
I had to fix something using the solder so I figured good opportunity to experiment. Em... I was messy and since I had not done this before I didn't realize that the flux splatters :( Even though the experiment worked I did ruin my dominos, as the flux burned the resin.  Now I know better.

Can I say again how much I love circles???? These 2 paintings took a long time to make because of the small scale. But am so happy with the results.

Day 216 8_3_12
Day 217 8_4_12
Long Distance Healing - Acrylic on canvas 5x7 (Energy series)
Day 8_5_12
I Am Energy - Acrylics on Canvas 5x7 (Energy series)

Independence Day

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