Friday, August 24, 2012

Days 229 - 237

Felt that these past few days I have allowed situations and circumstances to interfere with my creativity.  Felt very rushed most of the time and didn't give myself the space to be able to fit in posting. A tiny camera glitch took away some photos.. so I don't have the steps in my reconnection painting.
Last night I couldn't sleep and had to make some quick sketches. Turned out they were angels.
I ended up having to take pictures of my kindle with my phone as the program wouldn't allow me to email them.
Hehe, never a dull moment.

Day 229 8_16_12
Reconnection Sketch
Day 230 8_17_12
Background for Reconnection painting
Day 231 8_18_12

first step in reconnection painting

Ginger elephant!

Day 232 8_19_12
Day 233 8_20_12
Love the fountain waters - missing pics of my painting
Day 234 8_21_12
My pastel ombre  nails - blue and green , pinterest tip :D

Sketch for the next painting still untitled

Macaroons - Paleo , easy to make and can't tell the difference
Day 235 8_22_12
Crappy picture of Reconnection
Day 236 8_23_12
Finished Reconnection painting - the colors are deeper as in yesterdays pic
Day 237 8_24_12

                                          5 angle sketches with Magic doodle on my kindle


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