Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 352 A Celebration of Reuben Mitchell

Day 352 12_17_12

It made no difference if you knew Reuben for 2 min or 15 years.  He was just a person who had "it".
He lit up a room, and you felt his energy and something always changed in you -for the better.
This was evident tonight as a packed theater in Philadelphia celebrated an amazing person's life.
Reuben Mitchell was taken away from us way too early. I will forever be grateful to my friend Jaime who introduced me to Reuben. I was lucky to be in his presence when he first arrived to our city, and saw him
a couple of weeks before his passing, portraying president Obama.

The plays and players theater reverberated with songs, stories,tears and laughter. Everyone who got on stage said the same: Once you knew Reuben, your life was changed forever. 1812 Productions did a wonderful job with celebrating both the man and actor.
Thank you Reuben for making a difference in my life and in everyone's that was present tonight.
I know you were there laughing along.

Reuben Mitchell
Hot dog!

Johnny Showcase

Reuben as President Obama

Reuben's Ribbon - will be a reminder to always follow your dreams


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