Sunday, December 16, 2012

Days 349-351 So many questions

Being an artist makes one sensitive to the changes in the energies around them.  Add some empath to that mixture and you get a very confused soul.  What happened 2 days ago in a small elementary school has affected me in ways that I cannot put into words. And questions... so many questions that go beyond why an angry or sick human being would target innocent children.  My paintings these past 2 days have been abstracts- didn't want any lines to follow, just let the feelings flow. Such a difficult task for me.
This weekend was the GreensGrow Farms holiday bazaar.
Had such a wonderful time, both the patrons and artist vendors were so nice and made the hours go
by really fast. And of course purchase our beautiful creations to brighten someone's holiday :D
So it was a really nice ending to a emotional weekend.

Day 349 12_14_12


Day 350 12_15_12
Greensgrow !

Holding on to hope
Day 351 12_16_12
Greensgrow day 2!

art for sale!

What one perceives

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