Thursday, November 22, 2012

Days 326 - 327 Happy Thanksgiving!

What a great couple of days!
Yesterday I shared with most that I my "lillies" watercolor painting got second place in the
"Small Treasures Juried Exhibition at Beauty Art Gallery.
I am having a hard time to put into words how this event has made me feel. More than just
boosting my confidence and the excitement of having the approval of other artists, it feels like
that sign one waits for to know if they are heading in the right direction. I still just want to jump
up and down from excitement.  I swear, one would think I won the Nobel prize LOL

Continuing with honing my skills, I am trying to find subjects to challenge myself. In yesterday's
blog I mentioned that I need to work on my blending skills and perspective, and I would like to add sketching /drawing to improve my interpretation of what I see. Did I mention how excited I am?

Day 326 11_21_12
Love watching the sun hide behind the art museum!

Day 327 11_22_12

Today was a wonderful celebration. It was relaxed, and fun. Saw the parade and after cooking
the turkey we all watched a few movies.
Thanksgiving Parade
My best tasting turkey so far!


Museum Sunset

Watercolor Painting - duck candle

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