Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Days 186 - 193 Catching up

It has been a hectic week but finally have a few min to post here. Yesterday and today I also found some time to paint!!!

Day 186  7_4_12
Day 4 - red white and blue (pic challenge)

Day 4 - fun  (photo a day)

Universal fireworks
Day 187 7_5_12
Day 5 - Pet Peeve (pic challenge)
Day 5- on the floor (photo a day)
Day 188 7_6_12
Day 6- chair (photo a day)

New Bloom

Day 6- in my pocket (pic challenge)
Day 189 7_7_12
Day 7- dessert - chocolate mousse (pic challenge)

Day 7 - garden (photo a day)

Day 190 7_8_12
Day 8 - video games (pic challenge)

Day 8 - lunch (photo a day)
Day 191 7_9_12
Day 9 - top (pic challenge)

Day 9 - Big -plume of smoke from a NJ fire (photo a day)

beautiful sky
Day 192 7_10_12
Day 10 - water (pic challenge)

sleepless night

Day 10 - fav color (photo a day)

i see a dolphin and a bear
Day 193 7_11_12
Day 11- fav movie (pic challenge)

Day 11- letter (photo a day)

God Rays



  1. Great photos! Love the fireworks and moon. Saw the dolphin and the bear. Universal fireworks were cool. Did you like The Fountianhead? I thought it was weird. Please send chocolate mousse ASAP. :D

    1. Thank you Karen. The Fountain is one of my favorite movies. Guess I was one of the few that got the weirdness :D He he .. sorry ate the chocolate mousse :D Next time.