Thursday, March 21, 2013

Days 791 - 811 Birthday and some glimpses of Spring

Well another birthday came and went. I got a juicer as a birthday gift after watching Fat,sick and nearly dead. I fell in love instantly and I find myself procrastinating on my art because I create juices!
That aside the weather hasn't been nice to my hand so I have been mostly drawing and making roughs for future paintings. We are still getting snow, but the snow isn't sticking to the ground. And because of that I procrastinated on posting here!

Day 791 3_1_13
Early start 

Day 792 3_2_13
Kitty Nightmare 

Day 793 3_3_13
flying away

Day 794 3_4_13
Yes or No

Day 795 3_5_13
untitled abstract

Day 796 3_6_13
Happy Birthday!
New specs

I <3 this

Birthday self portrait

Day 797 3_7_13
first layer self portrait

Day 798 3_8_13

Day 799 3_9_13
abstract in sepia

Day 800 3_10_13
sometimes I fall appart

Day 801 3_11_13
wip angel

Day 802 3_12_13

Day 803 3_13_13
a moment of silence

Day 804 3_14_13
Venetia Monologues

Day 805 3_15_13
hearts afloat

Day 806 3_16_13
Soft landing

Day 807 3_17_13
Fly away

Day 808 3_18_13
You left an open wound

Day 809 3_19_13
captured this by accident on my phone camera

Chasing dreams

Day 810 3_20_13
Study of drawing to my poem "my tower"

Day 811 3_21_13

trying to recreate my happy accident

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