Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 812 & 813 Sometimes I ruin things :(

I was feeling great yesterday, weather calming down and some sun, so I worked on my self portrait.
Things were looking good. Plenty of steps to go through. Was deciding what to do with the faux fur today.
Day was gorgeous, with lots of sunlight, and went through my notes and decided how to continue. 
And I thought I was doing great.
Now not sure if it is my paints (though I use cotman watercolors) or my paper which is one of the most expensive Arches( -splurged onmyself a couple of year ago and use it for special projects) but the technique of wetting the paper before painting again RUINED my Painting!.  Light washes disappeared. Darks bled into lights and my red went everywhere.  
Not sure if it can be saved.  Not sure if it is worth saving. Not sure I want to save it.
Might be easier to just start fresh.
So learned important lessons here: 
Good to try new techniques:
*Don't try them on projects that are doing fine.  
*Even though a test one works out doesn't mean that it will work every time. 
*Use a lighter hand (told you hand was feeling better!) when applying the water.
*Be upset for 5 min, pick up yourself and create.


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