Saturday, April 27, 2013

Days 814 - 847 Sometimes things get in the way.

I haven't posted on my art blog for a little over a month, even though I am continuing to create daily. I had to prioritize and my health needed the love and attention I have given to my art. So I had to gear my focus on myself and still have time to create.  A month later I am in a much better place, and it is showing in my creations.  In this time frame I also had about 3 losses both friends and family- which are the inspiration  of my latest paintings. I am fascinated now with how heavy it feels here on earth and how light it must be up there in the universe where all is one, and all is love. It has not been an easy road, but it has been a rewarding one.  I hope this growth continues.

Day 814 3_24_13
why did you leave me hanging

Day 815 3_25_13 - Day 826 4_6_13
Wip  in better hands now
In Better hands now  (finished)

Day 827 4_7_13
On a Sunny Day Spring called my name

Day 828 4_8_13
Against the wall

Day 829 4_9_13
Where is spring?

Day 830 4_10_13
Spring time Heatwave

Day 831 4_11_13
Custom Sterling Silver wire wrapped earrings

Day 832 4_12_13 - Day 847 4_27_13
New Painting wip
wip  getting there :D



  1. Moons, your website is breath-taking as is your artwork. I adore how you have thought about the feeling of heaviness on earth, and how light it must be "up there." Somewhere really captured gaiety in its authenticity in my way of seeing your beaituful paintings! I am glad you gave yourself the love and care you needed. Without it, we know we might not create at our fullest potential. You are leaving for yourself on the planet a beautiful record of one human's existence. You are painting a thoughtful story. <3