Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 164 Feeling down

I hope its because of the upcoming full moon and lunar eclipse that I am feeling this way. But I couldn't shake it off today. I am beating myself up  for not paying attention. Not paying attention to when I feel sleepy, when I am hungry or when I just need a break. I don't hear the signals because my mind is cluttered with fears, with what ifs...  and it never ends. Today I was upset that my alarm didn't go off in time for me to fit in my Zumba, and then because I didn't pack enough healthy foods and ate pretzels at work (the soft kind). After that I spiraled  :(   So I am heading off to bed a bit earlier so I can get myself back on track.
My sister thought that was a 3 year old - point made.
I am pretty sure that is a chocolate demon... *sigh*

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