Sunday, March 18, 2012

Days 76,77,78 Acrylic on Canvas paintings

What a busy 3 days!  And creative ones too :D
I painted for 3 days in a row which I hope continues as it always calms and centers me.

Day 76  3_16_12
Danger Awaits
Acrylic on 9x12 canvas.
The brush dictated the painting. It took a while to create as the circles took time. One must have a steady hand!
I was going to add more to it, but felt that it  would take away from the feeling a lone shark against all the whiteness evokes.

Day  77  3_17_12
Fishing Dream
I woke up on Sat and saw this long twisted dream where I went by the water and started fishing with an ex... and as soon as my line was in the water I caught this weird looking fish... and repeated the pattern a few times. The fish had  bright colors with yellow dots...  and I kept on seeing everything in an angle. Weird...

Day  78  3_18_12
Correcting an older painting
 I made this painting for my mom in 2002 of a flower arrangement she received and loved.  I never really completed it and was unsure how to make objects look more 3d than just flat. I am soooo happy with how my skills have improved. The only thing is when I took the finished painting picture, there was not enough sunlight  and the picture looks duller though the colors in reality are just as bright (but deeper) than the original. Mom LOVED it and took the painting with her.. :)


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