Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 336

I ran out of  thread for my crochet so I worked on my lace. I used diamond glaze to seal the thread
and make it water resistant , bedazzled and used Sterling silver wire and components and  swarovski crystals for extra sparkle!
Will put them in my Etsy store tomorrow :D


  1. These earrings are beautiful. Did you say you recently learned how to crochet or am I not remembering correctly? Well, whether you just learned or have been crocheting for a long time you're very good. :D Have a great weekend, Venetia!

  2. Thank you Karen! I learned how to crochet last week, but these earrings are Bebilla( Venetian or Armenian Lace) which I learned how to do when I was 13 from the aunt that is visiting now. I figured since she is here to learn a couple more skills and since I knew lace making (only using thread and a sewing needle) that crocheting shouldn't bee too bad. I am also working on making a smaller version of these earrings so more people can wear them- wish me luck! Getting compliments from people who have mastered skills always make my day!! Hitting AC Moore today to get more thread after I show a couple of properties and then focusing on completing the crochet piece. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too Karen (((hugs)) Venetia