Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 99 4_8_12

Greek Fig Teaspoon Sweet  - Glyko tou koutaliou

Angry Emmy

Annoyed Oscar

Shocked birds

Parents treated us to Glyko Syko -  Fig teaspoon sweet, Greek Traditonal sweet  and it looked so good that  I took a pic and now I have it as my wallpaper both on my phone and laptop and am continually drooling...
But it does taste just as good as it looks.

This coming week is our Holy Week and Easter is  next Sunday so I am cleaning up to have the place ready for the holiday. Birds got a nice cleaning - got rid of their old eggs and I asked them not to lay anymore.  They both were upset with me because I ruined their "faux nest" but they are molting and it was a feathery mess in there. And then I told them that any eggs they lay I get to dye red on Thursday which is our traditional egg dying day.  From their looks they didn't like that idea at all.  I didn't attempt to take a pic of Tony because she hid in her nesting box.


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