Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Days 105- 108

Easter was finally here and the food was amazing as usual. I always love the prep time.
Building is making some renovations so no air conditioning and its really hot, and there will construction in my bedroom for the stack of pipes... we will see how it will affect my life :) 

Day 105  4_14_12
Tony hanging out and calling out to other birds

Mageiritsa - Greek Easter soup

Avgolemono ingredients for the soup

Day 106  4_15_12
Fws tis Anastasews -  The Resurrection light

The Easter soup

Tsoureki - Easter bread

My smashed egg

Day 107  4_16_12

Tony keeping mommy company

Glass ball



Day 108  4_17_12
Love the effect of the shade


Feng shui mirror (sun/moon)

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