Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 733 - 737 It's been 19 years

 I spent the day in creative meditation. 19 years ago today, I sustained a severe right hand injury that changed my life forever. When it happened, I thought my life was over - the prognosis was not good and had to say goodbye to a beloved teaching career.  Lost many friends along the way. What I didn't realize then, was the shedding of all those situations made room for new Dreams, careers, friends. Every creation, every twist of wire, splatter of paint or dot of ink is an affirmation of a win over the pain I have on a daily basis.

Over the years I have sometimes wondered the what if's of the choices of that day. What my life would have been if I didn't get injured. And every time I realize that I am exactly where I need to be and how happy being an artist makes me. :D

Thank you to  my sis and bff Anthee, parents and all my post injury friends who have helped me through my dark days and supported me during the good ones to continue moving forward. You will never know how much I appreciate you being here with me. XOX

Day 733 1_2_13
Deep Inside
Day 734 1_3_13
Beyond the Ice
Day 735 1_4_13
On the way to grandma's
Day 736 1_5_13
Changes are upon us
Day 737 1_6_13
Higher Power

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