Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 751-758 Snow and pain

This week has been tough. The weather changes affect my pain levels and this past Friday was really rough but I managed :D  Finished the turtle painting - love the way it turned out. Plenty of paintings and photos to catch up on.

Day 751 1_20_13
Shadow of a light

morning moon

City Scape

Day 752 1_21_13
Behind the glass  - finished !

Day 753 1_22_13
So Emotional

Day 754 1_23_13

Day 755 1_24_13
Suckie - sketch


Day 756 1_25_13

Delicate Moment

Day 757 1_26_13
Art Museum on a snowy day

Snowy day

Full moon 

Sunny Disposition

Day 758 1_27_13
Emmy says Hi!

Moonlit night

Art Museum sunset

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