Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 281

Tomorrow is my parents 45th wedding anniversary. And mom this morning said that she didnt have a chance to get out and get something for dad, since she spends all day taking care of sis, and she asked if I could do something.  I ended up finally using the metal punch kit, so I punched happy anniversary on a copper sheet. I didn't do too much to the frame as i wanted it to stay masculine (though put the feminine touch of hearts) in case dad wants to take it to the office. I also played around with an image transfer technique, that worked ok, but then again i did use inkjet printouts... ahem.   Long story short I put the picture on a funky glass so they can use it with tea light candles. I didn't realize but it works like a cling-on. So you can move from the glass and place it on any glass surface.


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