Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 71 "sure footed"

Ups and downs.  I guess this will be considered a down in my life. Following the week I had I was trying to focus today. Apparently the universe had other plans. A simple incident at work was translated as volumes in my mind, which of course spiraled down the rabbit hole of  circumstances, situations etc that made me feel the way I was feeling that specific moment. I tapped on it, which helped but kept on going back to that moment. And then I remembered... Unbalanced. Not mentally..NO. but physically and mostly emotionally. The Earth shook at one part of the world and it threw off its balance. So why is it a surprise when something shakes you as a person, you lose your balance?  I was in a (what I realize now) unhealthy relationship where I was giving and not receiving. For 6 mos I kept on falling down every other week. My knees have permanent scars cause I kept on falling on the same spot, over and over again. To answer your question- yes- once the relationship was over, the falling stopped.  A friend of mine who is now a Life Coach told me to keep saying to myself "I remain surefooted no matter how unstable the ground or my life  is a the moment, I can always find my balance"
I remembered I had snapped a photo of a sidewalk around my neighborhood. Philadelphia is notorious about the old brick walkways and in some areas streets. Talk about unstable ground...
Philadelphia Sidewalk
Uneven  ground
I painted it with the thought that when the ground is uneven, when life is unbalanced, when circumstances are unstable you remain sure footed and balanced.

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