Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 84 Flowing

The beginning of the week I struggled with many things in many areas of my life. I know I spoke about the changes that have been trickling down. Well many of these I don't have any control over. All I have control over is to do my paintings, show up at work, put in the time, respond to messages, make the phone calls, exercise, sleep. But I have no control over other people's thoughts or feelings are. I have no control over their reactions. So when I saw that the beginning of this week was starting on the wrong foot I put a stop on it. I said enough. I had to dig deep to let go of the control ... I know I am a slow learner but I learn-eventually. So I said- screw this. (yes raising my hands to God) you take over because I can't deal with it anymore, as I am making it really messy. I promise I will go with the flow. It is what it is. Lit a candle, said Thank you.. and went on with my week. Two days later I saw the changes. They have been small and would not be noticeable if I wasn't paying attention. And today was a really good day.
It was a good day
Now I have to stay focused and stay out of my way. Just let it be and see what happens.

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