Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 72 "allowing happiness"

Daylight Saving. Spring ahead. 1 hour less sleep... more sun. I only slept 5 hours (barely). But I saw the sunrise and it was spectacular. Day was nice, work was good, and who doesn't love spending time with friends and loved ones.  While at work I was contemplating the past week that was full of emotions and learning experiences, when across the street I saw these 2 bright star like balloons, one in green and one in red. Being a windy day they danced around and watching them my heart felt lighter. I realized that it was a message for me to just be light and let go... be free but grounded. Perfect ending to my week.
looks like a painting !
By the time I was done with work the balloons were gone.


  1. lovely post,it made me smile...i guess you are my balloon :)