Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 110 Dealing with emotions

Today was a very difficult day at work. We had a flood next door to us, and as we all tried to help out, a certain member of our company snapped at all of us. I got it first  as I had to call him and ask where the main water shut off was... I don't need to go into details but most of us got a part of his wrath and it affected our day. Of course when things calmed down there were no apologies for the tude - but instead he thought it would be great to make jokes about it. *sigh
Why don't people get it that when there are emergencies, one doesn't need to be put down like that- they need a leader and direction. Well its over with now, and it is sad that we all had to go through it.

I became Angry
Taking deep breaths and hoping that tomorrow will have more calm people around me.

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