Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 34 Getting over Myself

Once again I am in my own way. I try to control the water, color, drips.. everything. Grrr In this daily painting I let loose just a bit, but then you can see where I panicked and started dictating .
Icicles from my balcony
One day at a time. So now I have some decision to make, serious ones. I am either going to embrace the fact that I am an Artist - or choose to ignore it and be a regular person. I want to chose the Artist path but I am so scared. I put up my excuses- I don't have a degree, I don't have training, I am not as good as  (fill in the blank with anyone else who is an artist here), my hand hurts... And it has hindered my growth. About 6 years ago I had these vivid dreams that woke me up and I sketched out. They were all based on the pain and suffering I had due to the injury I had sustained.  I then transferred these onto canvas. All who saw the work in progress started saying "oh when you are done with this, please let me be the first to see it so I can buy it".I freaked out. And stopped working on them.  So today I am posting the sketches and work in progress of the 2 paintings (I had a 3rd one but it got destroyed in one of my moves) the goal is to have these done the latest by mid March so they can be dry by June and I can participate in the Art show we have in our building (plus work to complete the series and maybe I can be brave to show at a gallery?)
Nightmare 1 - work in progress (will be renamed)

Nightmare 2
Nightmare 2 - work in progress (will be renamed)

Nightmare 3

Nightmare 4

So today I am going to apply linseed oil on these to paintings to prime them again for painting, and get me started on completing them.

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