Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 50 The Dream

Last night I had the same dream I had  almost a year ago. Both dreams started the same.: I walk into a house, and its really bright with oak hardwood floors. The windows are open and the curtains are blowing from the nice spring breeze and you can smell spring. Happiness. I take a deep breath of the aroma when I hear a little boy laugh. I open my eyes and look to my right and there is this boy about 2yrs old with bright blue eyes and brownish hair and a big smile with red lips just laugh and tease me to catch him without saying a word. I went to catch him and he giggled and ran towards the staircase. I huffed ...and gave him the "oh come on ..don't make me go upstairs " look when he started up the stairs. I heard a man's voice say " Listen to your mother"  (in the original dream there was a specific man there- this time I just heard a deep voice but didn't see who it was). I looked to my left and saw a little girl around 2 ( the boy's twin) holding a spoon , standing on a stool at the breakfast bar and a bowl of cerial.  Both kids were wearing a white tee shirt that came down to their knees. Both were barefoot. The first dream stopped there. But this time I turned around and followed the boy upstairs. Again bright colors, the smell of spring, the sound of curtains blowing around  and the sound of childrens laughter. The boy ended up in what was the master bedroom. A gorgeous bright turquoise color on the walls, and a big 4 post bed with white  covers and deep blue shams. Some toys scattered around. A painting of the twins on the wall. The boy was jumping up and down on the bed, so I hopped on and grabbed him  and pulled him close. At that moment the girl came running up and jumped on my lap too. I said to them: where have you been? And they both said (without even speaking) We have been here, and don't worry we are here and we will wait till we can be with you. And with that, they both got in my lap and I hugged them so tight... and felt tears streaming down my face cause I was so filled with love and happiness.  It felt so real and it shocked me into waking up.
Took me a few min to recover.
"the dream"  my favorite moment- hugging the children
 It was a dream filled with hope. Especially for someone who is single and looking for Mr. Right.
I can't wait.

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