Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 44 - Its a process

I so want to rip it.. and re-do it.  But I will have my sister hold on to it , so I don't destroy it.  I was counting on the daffodil plant to take at least a few days to open up, so i can just paint how it opens. Nature though had a different plan in my warm place. Yesterdays painting though good, showed lack of color. Like I was afraid to use anything more than pastels. So today I decided to be bolder. Use some colors. And I did. But I forgot that i might have some issues with depth perception. Oh well. I managed to save it, and play with it.
My blooming Daffodil

Watercolor daffodil
Why do I become so impatient? ( I have to retake the pic in the morning light to show the colors)

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