Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 47 Sunny day

It's a beautiful day today. Warming up, feeling almost like spring. My Daffodil plant has another  flower and a 3rd one is  ready to bloom too.  So with this beautiful day I was deciding what to do, and I decided that I still need to work on my acceptance of Yellow. I know- yellow has lots of fans, because it reminds of sunshine and summer and happy feelings. But my association to yellow is tied to sickness, medication and a  yucky yellow pill  that I had to take as a 6 year old, while using a yellow tuperware glass. So anytime you see me using yellow, know that I am working on allowing the color back into my life, and reversing its meaning to the universal happy one.
Lemons- watercolor
Lemons on my happy plates. I decided a while ago that life is too short to save the good china for when company comes around, that I am special enough to enjoy them everyday :D Happy plates and do you notic the hint of yellow on them ?

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