Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 129 Bus ride

I don't like taking the bus as most people in it tend to be rude and don't care at all about personal space. A guy across from me while "studying" kept on whistling Kesha's  "this party's gonna blow"  but not quite whistling. More like blowing air with a faux pitched sound... Until thank God his phone rang ! Saved by the ring tone;) But the walk home makes up for the unpleasant ride. Today's painting was inspired by it.
The Walk Home
I hope tomorrow is just as a beautiful Spring day as today was.

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  1. Oh, bus horror stories! When my daughter was going to college her bus ride included The Cat Lady (dressed & acted like a cat!) and The Man Who Peed (no explanaton required). LOL But your beautiful painting spins the nasty bus ride into a lovely work of art. I love The Walk Home! ~ Karen