Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 146 It's been 20 years.

Today was the 20th anniversary of my YiaYia's passing. I was the first of her grandchildren so I always had a special place in her heart. She was a teacher and was so proud when I became one too. She passed away a week after I finished college and one day after my graduation party. She had lived a full life and died happy.  Even though I know that she is still around and she visits me often in my dreams, I still miss her as badly as I did that first day her physical presence was gone.  I still remember the day in '87 when we went back to Greece and the whole village came to kiss her hand because the best teacher was back... I can only hope that I, in my life get to touch as many people as she did with her caring, smiling fave and kindness.
The coolest Yiayia ever!

the 3 of us Christmas morning

Today I added  earrings to my crystal necklace plus made it a bit longer for me. I think I will wear it tomorrow at work to be sparkly!
Making something old - NEW!

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