Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 148 Re-arranging

A neighbor gave us furniture that she needed to get rid of. Her mom passed away recently and she decided to put the place up for sale/rent so it needed to be emptied.  We loved the pieces as they are practically new.
new couch and one of the side chairs.
With the new couch in, we decided to use the old one in my bedroom , in the studio area so we can stop messing the living room :) 
the new studio area
Now we have to re organize all our supplies but  finally the studio area is DONE!
So going through all these things I found  a pisces and taurus pendants from the beaded clock I had created at the Art Institute that got damaged in the last move. I turned them into earrings.

Pisces with Taurus rising earrings

And now time to relax.

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